Empathic counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services for adults.

Margaret provides counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services to individuals in her rooms in Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia.

Online sessions via Zoom also allow those who cannot make it into the consulting rooms to benefit from counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services.

Individual Consultation

Men's Well Being

Online sessions

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Empathic and without judgement

Awareness = Empowerment

Wherever you are

Sharing your experience with a qualified and trained therapist can bring clarity. Whether you need some clear space to think things through or are coming up against challenges, please reach out today and we can plan your next steps.

Men have traditionally been less likely to seek professional help for mental health issues. Given that one in five men will at some point experience an anxiety condition, the practice is working to make services more accessible to men across Melbourne.

If you are unable to make it to the consulting rooms in Carlton North for reasons of distance, preference or some other issue personal to you, you have the option of pre-booking an online session via Zoom. Please send through your enquiry with preferred consultation times. International enquiries, please provide your timezone.

Get in touch with Margaret on 0422 862 864 or by submitting an email enquiry to take first steps together.