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What are your fees per session?

The fee per session is $140 for individuals. The fee for couples counselling is $180.

How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions are 50 minutes, commonly considered "the therapeutic hour".

How often should I go to therapy and how long will it take?

This is dependent on the complexity of the issues present and your desired outcomes- some people have a temporary challenge they want to address which may only take a few sessions. Others seek assistance to get through a crisis such as death of a loved one, separation or life transition. Some have a vague feeling that something just isn't right and attend therapy for clarity. In terms of frequency, weekly sessions help to keep the momentum of change and provide the support often required during the change process. Frequency and duration of therapy is decided collaboratively between therapist and client and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Are your services covered by the Better Access Mental Health Plan?

Currently, Margaret's professional services are not covered by Medicare. 

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