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Therapy Uniquely Tailored To You

Margaret works on the basis that each one of us is unique and therapy must be uniquely tailored to the individual.

Margaret supports people with a wide range of issues including grief, loss, relationship concerns, anxiety, stress, trauma and life transitions.

Working at your pace, the origins of your current concerns are uncovered and new emotions, thoughts and behaviours take place to help you feel fulfilled and live a more satisfying life. 

Margaret will help guide you to your innately known path using a range of approaches and modalities which can include talking therapy (including psychodynamic psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy), somatic psychotherapy (listening to and working with your body), hypnotherapy and mindfulness. 

That which is not conscious-

Attention is given to the unconscious, which can also be understood as that which is "out of immediate awareness". Once something comes to our awareness, we can look at it and address it. We can change it, leave it alone, make peace with it...anything is possible.

Member of AACHP

Member of PACFA

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